Olivia - Summer 2017 Part 1

4/25/2017 Fort White, FL 32038, USA

My daughter O is a beautiful girl, with beautiful hair and big beautiful eyes.  She is the perfect model for a momtographer, if you can get her interested fully in posing for you that is.  Maybe it's the age, I am not sure - but my little pumpkin always seems so excited about going to take pictures while we are in the house getting ready - but once we get to the location I loose her interest quick.  Sunday, when we took these photos - she lost interest just as soon as we got to the back of our property.  It was a windy day, and the 4 inch tall grass was apparently bothering her when he blew around and touched her skin - making her wiggle & itch.  For the less then 5 minutes we were down there - we did get some great little shots.  I hope you'll enjoy!


  1. Anonymous4/25/2017

    Oh my gosh these are adorable. Glad to see your art again.

  2. WW Buddy Sarah4/25/2017

    Oh Lela, your daughter is so beautiful. I love looking at the photos you take of her, you can feel the love and the bond you share just looking at them.

  3. These are beautiful honey.


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